Intensive English Program

Our Intensive English Program is our most popular program of study. This program will help you significantly improve your English skills, achieve higher fluency and fully prepare you for university study in America, the UK and other English speaking countries. The Intensive English Program is popular among young Omanis for simply improving the chances of a better career and education here in Oman.

The Intensive Program is ideal for university-bound students, professionals with a limited time to study and students who want to learn English quickly from a professional institution. The program consists of 11 levels of instruction from Beginning to Advanced levels, with 8 weeks (80 hours) of instruction per level.

We use the proven communicative approach to language learning. This approach makes for lively, interactive classes with a wide range of activities that will challenge your abilities and develop all your language skills-

Program Features

  • Communicative approach to teach all key language skills: speaking, listening, pronnciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar practice.
  • Conversation practice using practical, real-world English.
  • Access to our Multi-Media Library (MML) resources to supplement in-class instruction with technology-supported learning.
  • The program runs from Saturday to Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:30 pm and from 6:30-9:00 pm for 4 weeks at a time with a total of 2 sessions and 80 hours. Morning classes are also available from time to time and on location for private firms.